At PLT Vacation Club, we’re privileged to manage our clients’ most precious commodity — their time.
Simplify your busy life with the advantages of on-site personal concierge services at a fraction of the cost.

Tours & Activites

PLT Vacation Club works with tour and activity providers to facilitate thousands of vacation activities. Choose from the world's largest selection of activities for, wherever you are, wherever you're going and leave the rest to us, we will plan your vacation with special deals including your activity instant tickets
If you are looking for an experienced Travel Consultant join our team! If you are passionate and enthusiastic about traveling, and if you love improving others' travel experiences, if you looking for travel destination options you will love this service.

Travel Consultant


A Concierge service provides personal services and assistance to clients at hotels, travels, and office buildings. They perform various tasks such as booking accommodation, and arranging transportation, business, restaurants reservation, life style, organize events including weddings and business fairs, or entertainment assistance.
We responsible for booking flight tickets and handle reservations for customers. We directly interact with customers, answer customer questions about flight timings, seat availability, fares, reservations, special prices for first class and business class etc.

Flight Tickets

Car Rentals

We provide service to people who need to rent a car for a period of time. To help our clients to move easily, whether it is a business trip or vacation.
The main responsibility of us is to help customers with planning and booking reservations for a hotels with special prices. We work with customers to plan out the duration of their stay and then send booking confirmation to guests after processing payments and handle points exchange service.

Hotel Bookings


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