Offer Up To 70%


Sell Your Timeshare

We will always give you a realistic and accurate idea of what your timeshare will actually sell for on the resale market. We aim to be and are different to many other timeshare resale companies. Many timeshare resale companies are just looking for you to pay them a listing fee upfront, they then raise your hopes by giving you an unachievable valuation which you would have little or no chance of achieving, your week will just stay on a list.


Our business is only successful when we achieve sales, we do not charge, and are therefore not reliant on, upfront fees. Additionally, we do not charge you any commission before, the sale. We will do all the hard work, from advertising to finding you a buyer and processing a transfer. When we receive a purchase offer for your timeshare we will confirm to you in writing the exact nett amount which you will receive upon completion of the transfer.


You then choose to if you want to accept the offer and when you are happy to proceed with the sale we will handle the entire transfer safely and quickly for you.